Drue and Pablo

Drue and Pablo are getting:




· August 17 · Ayuntamiento de La Coruña

· August 25 · The Wisp Resort, Maryland

  • 2011 June

    Drue moves to Spain.

    Our future "spanish seniorita" decided that she no longer wanted to teach those annoying American kids and bolted to Spain!

  • 2011 October

    We started dating.

    Although many cute spanish boys tried, one persisted and finally took Drue off the market after only a few months!

  • 2013 June

    Pareja de Hecho!

    You'll just have to learn your Spanish!

  • 2013 August

    We moved in!

    Although the view was amazing, Drue couldn't afford to live in her cardboard box on the beach anymore, so she conned Pablo into moving in together.

  • 2014 January

    Rabbit Fever

    No kids yet (madre muy triste), but we got a cute bunny! Pablo was so happy he had another cutie at home.

  • 2017

    We got engaged!

    We decided it was time to have a party to celebrate all this time together, so Pablo proposed and the rest is history!

Save The Dates

· August 17

· August 25


We will be getting married officially on August 17th at the beautiful town hall in our city. There will be a reception to follow in Spain as well as another in the United States.



La Coruña Town Hall

August 17th, 6-7pm · La Coruña, Spain

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Spanish Reception


Mirador de San Pedro

August 17th, 8pm · La Coruña, Spain

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American Reception


The Wisp Resort

August 25th, 5pm · McHenry, MD, USA


* In Spanish ceremonies there is not a bridal party; however, the “Novios” are accompanied by one witness each. Drue will be accompanied by her Dad and Pablo will be accompanied by his Mom.


American Accomodations

The Wisp Resort


Use Discounted Group Rate #3640

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Lakepointe Inn


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Carmel Cove Inn


709-738-2691 · 707-652-6327

Taylor Made Vacation Rentals


407-642-1145 · Website


Thank you so much for thinking about us. Since we have to deal with packing and traveling internationally, it is impossible for us to have a traditional wedding registry. Although we know it is not very traditional, the easiest and most useful gift for us would be a donation to our honeymoon and house funds.


You can send a little something here.


Can be made out to: Bethanney Drue Morris.